The Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District (District) is led by a locally elected board of directors whose responsibility is to plan and oversee the delivery of services and programs that help conserve and protect water and soil resources, wildlife habitat, and other natural resources in Yamhill County.  The District is a unit of local government, and implements its programs and services in partnership with volunteers, non-profits, state and federal agencies, school districts and universities, watershed councils, landowners, and many others. 

Working entirely on a voluntary, non-regulatory basis, the directors, in collaboration with associate directors, staff, and conservation partners, provide technical, financial, and educational opportunities geared toward healthy watershed management.  Technical services and projects are funded using revenues from a local property tax assessment, state and federal grants, donations, the District’s annual native plant sale, and other sources.

Educational programs, workshops, field tours, and other events are a regular part of the District’s program and involve many segments of our community, including agricultural producers, small woodland owners, rural landowners, school districts, universities, and local residents.    

The District also owns and manages, Miller Woods, a 131-acre property located 5 miles west of McMinnville, which was bequeathed to the District by Frieda Miller in 2003. The property is managed for sustainable forestry and provides a venue for educational programs, workshops, and other outdoor activities.  The property is open to the public and provides over five miles of walking trails to explore and experience nature.   We hope Miller Woods is on your list to visit in the future.   Please see additional information on the website, or the Miller Woods Facebook page regarding upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and property rules.

As a resident of Yamhill County and the surrounding area, we encourage you to explore the services, programs and educational opportunities we offer.   Your participation can help make a positive impact in our watersheds, and contribute to the conservation and wise use of the soil, water, and other natural resources in our community.   We look forward to working with you!