OSU Agricultural Composting Workshop

The OSU Agricultural Composting Workshop will be held 2 days in April.  On April 3, you will be part of a small team that will build a compost pile using a wide variety of materials.  On April 10, you will evaluate the performance of your compost pile.  This course is designed for agricultural professionals and on-farm composters.  The registration fee covers the resource notebook, lunch and workshop materials.
WHEN:  April 3 and April 10, 2015
WHERE:  North Willamette Research and Extension Center, 15210 NE Miley Rd., Aurora
REGISTRATION FEE:  $90 per person

Keeping our Streams Clean of Pesticides

On Saturday, December 6th the Greater Yamhill Watershed Council and the Yamhill SWCD in cooperation with many partners were able to collect 39,218 pounds of unlabeled, restricted use or banned agricultural pesticides.  This event gave local residents and agricultural businesses the opportunity for safe handling and disposal of these chemicals.  Throughout the day 54 participants stopped at the Wilco Agronomy Center at Whiteson to give their chemicals to Clean Harbor Services, a contractor who specializes in hazardous waste disposal, to ensure the chemicals are disposed of safely and in an environmentally conscious way.  We also collected triple rinsed plastic containers for recycling. 

Changes in Recycling Tunnel Sprayer Retrofit Kit Cost Share Program!

recycling tunnel sprayer

In 2012, the Yamhill Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) received a $75,000 grant through the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Innovation Grant program, to demonstrate new recycling tunnel sprayer technology in vineyards in Yamhill County.  The grant has allowed the district to provide incentive payments to eligible vineyard producers to purchase recycling tunnel sprayer technology. 

Forest Management Planning Short Course

Thursday evenings, Oct. 30th, Nov. 6th, Nov. 13th, and Dec. 4th
6:00 – 8:30 pm, Yamhill County Public Works Auditorium
2050 NE Lafayette Ave, McMinnville

A written Forest Management Plan serves many purposes. It helps you organize and plan for activities on your land. It is a valuable communication tool for your family. A plan is required for forest certification programs and it forms the foundation for sustainable forest management. By writing part, or all of your own forest management plan, you gain a better understanding of your land and have a tool you will use in the future.

Writing a plan takes time and an understanding of your property, but the Mentored Management Planning shortcourse will guide you through the process. In addition to the four class sessions, you will be paired with an experienced “mentor” who will provide one-on-one assistance.

Course fee is $40/family. Space is limited.  To register, print and mail the attached flyer. Or, register online at:

Questions? Call or email Amy Grotta, (503) 397-3462 or

Soil Health Workshop a Success!

Yamhill SWCD teamed up with Polk and Marion SWCDs to host a soil health workshop at the Chemeketa Viticulture Center in West Salem and was partially funded by a USDA Risk Management Agency grant.  Attendees from all 3 counties listened to lectures on why it is important to manage for soil health and practical ways to manage for optimum soil health.

OSU Extension Releases Information on Tree Pests to Expect This Summer

Amy Grotta, OSU Extension Forestry Agent, has released some information on common pests that you may see this summer in your forest. The Western Tent Caterpillar and the Western Oak Looper are both defoliating insects that affect the forest canopy, but according to OSU extension, neither are serious threats to forest or human health. 

For more information on these pests, please refer to the OSU Extension Forestry blog article, The Boom and Bust Life of Defoliating Insects.

Photos thanks to: Dave Shaw, OSU extension